Senior Level SEO, CRO & PPC Consulting

“I’m ex corporate SEO & PPC at and have built two #1 ranked SEO companies in Arizona and Kansas. I help businesses to grow and get bigger by dominating PPC, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Google PPC and Google & Bing natural search results. On average, I have doubled the income of the businesses I work with. I like working with honest, reliable people and companies who offer quality work and products for their customers.” – Thomas Kane

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the art of maneuvering words and content in a fashion that is fluent for readability and for getting picked up and indexed by search engines. It also involves a lot of knowledge on tools and resources necessary to do high end SEO on a larger scale.

In short: It’s getting businesses found in Google for keywords that would bring them business.

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the psychology and behavior pattern behind how people think and what makes them decide to take an action. By modifying keywords, colors, shapes and layouts of designs… it is possible to almost hypnotize a person into taking a desired action.

In short: It’s figuring out and knowing the shortcut between presenting an idea to someone and them deciding to agree with that idea, thus inspiring them to take a desired action. (Getting someone to the website and using all the right colors, layout and funnels and text that will convince them to sign up, buy or call for service)

PPC – Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising is where you pay for clicks to your website; and get to be listed at the top of search results almost immediately after starting. It is the one of the fastest return methods in investment in advertising (if done well).

In short: You pay each time you get a visitor to your website and get to be #1 in Google immediately.

SEO, PPC & CRO Consulting

Stuck in a rut? A little bit of knowledge can go a long way. If you are an international retail store and you make a change to your website that took 1 day to implement, and it made a difference of 2% in overall sales.. that is a day well spent.

Well I know dozens if not a hundred things you might be able to do to squeeze out those extra %’s.