Conversion Rate Optimization

Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Service

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the art of adjusting the colors, layout and content on a website so that it is interesting, easy to navigate and subconsciously persuasive. It is the art of using psychology to sell without selling and in a way, almost hypnotize the mind into taking action.

For example: Changing the text from an online store’s product names to include adjectives such as ‘strong’ ‘effective’ and ‘powerful’ in the headlines… brought about an extra 10% sales, over the course of a year, it was around $1.7M US dollars.

There is an entire general checklist of psychological tricks that can literally turn a dead store from a 1% conversion rate (visitors into sales) to a 30% conversion rate. Some things take minutes to apply too.

I can…

  • Give a senior level analysis and review of your current marketing material and website designs
  • Adjust the color path of the website to increase leads or sales
  • Run A/B experiments of different formats of pages and designs
  • Run A/B tests on implementing new content and text that is designed to SELL