Senior Level Remarketing Services

Remarketing is a way to advertise with display ads in Google search results. There are about a dozen different sized remarketing ads that you see every day, and are following you as you browse the net, purposely appearing on websites you visit, such as Youtube,, CNN, ABC and most informational blogs make their money off Google display advertisements.

Remarketing ads done well always work to bring a low cost with a high return. Remarketing is literally one of the least expensive, highest return investments any company can make in the digital world. – Thomas J

Remarketing Audience Options

It is best to have different ads for every different service.The amount of people you get to turn into sales is higher and the cost is usually less. It’s called micro-targeting. So if you are a roofing contractor that provides roofing for residential and commercial roofs, have two sets of ads that target people went landed on either residential or commercial roofing pages in your site. The chances of regaining and retaining that customer is higher the more well targeted you make your display ads.

  • Abandoned Carts
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Thank You Page
  • Homepage (people who left within 10 seconds)
  • Jobs (target people who visited a job listing or career section)
  • Other Sites – remember to tag other websites you control as well, such as a blog, or mini-sites
  • Newsletter – you can tag your newsletter
  • Behind the Login – target current customers only if needed