The Healing Power Of Fasting

One of the oldest and most powerful methods of healing the human body from disease and ailments.

What Is Fasting?

Fasting is where you simply don’t eat food, and just drink water… for days, weeks and even months (although a good 10 day is enough to really make a major impact).

How Does Fasting Heal The Body?

As we eat cooked and processed food, over time that food builds up residue inside our bodies, in our bones, organs, tissues, under our skin and in our muscles. It also accumulate in clumps where the body stores it until such a time comes that it can be released. This we most commonly know as general “fat”.  For other chemicals and toxins the body can’t release, it stores in it’s drainage systems (usually the lymph system), which accumulates into small clumps, commonly called ‘cancer’.

There was a man in the late 1800’s who was riddled with disease and illness, he was in such pain and agony from his ailments that he decided to just let death take him, so he laid on his kitchen floor for days just drinking water, expecting that soon he would die from starvation. However instead, he noticed after 3 days his boils cleared up and went away, in 4 days his swollen limbs became un-swollen, his lungs cleared and he could stand again on the 5th day. He is what some people consider now, a Godsend for the rebelief and re-institution of the Biblical method of healing called ‘FASTING’.

His name is Arnold Ehret, and his book can be found here.

I have been to a healing retreat to intern twice in the past decade, and I have seen people reverse (that’s a word that is legally required instead of ‘cure’)…

  • Cancer
  • Tumors
  • Warts
  • Cysts
  • Weight Gain
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Moles
  • Psoriasis

It’s true, Cancer is just an accumulation of toxicity that the body can’t get rid of so it stores it, waiting for a day when it has a free moment to actually expel that toxin from the body naturally. However, most people cannot stop their bad habits, and would rather believe that a cure comes in a pill form.. people would rather take RADIATION POISONING than CHANGE THEIR BAD HABITS.

How A Girl Reversed Cervical Cancer in 14 Days

I’ve seen people rid cancer in 7 days, and never less than 14. In one case there was a girl named Mercedes who had bad cervical cancer, her friends suggested she do a raw food diet before trying chemo and she luckily agreed. She detoxed yucky stuff from everywhere in her body for over a week after just eating raw fruit (similar effect as fasting), and in two weeks no longer had cancer and as well, her skin was the clearest it had ever been, she even looked like a different person and her eyes were physically a shade lighter.

That girl now teaches Yoga, Health & Healing and the raw food, fasting lifestyle to people, and helps other people who are stuck on the conventional way of thinking that there is a healthier, faster way out of sickness, and cancer.

Unnatural foods, especially in today’s society, have led people to be completely encumbered internally; causing us weight gain, sickness, psoriasis, cancer (yes, cancer). We were not meant to consume food that has been burned (cooked), which causes the food to lose it’s living and vibrating force (called living enzymes) – when we eat food with no enzymes, it causes our body to use it’s own enzymes to help digest the food.

Anything cooked (burned above 130 degrees) has killed the living enzymes inside the food.  Nowadays… we have combined, manipulated and chemically engineered food for the sake of making it taste better and last longer on a shelf for profitability, so much that the state of human health has been ignored, covered up and made excuses for.

Over time, a diet of concoctions of food with dozens of ingredients, preservatives, chemical engineering can end up crudding up our systems, like throwing

Our bodies weren’t designed to consume cooked (burned food). When we do, like residue from a smokers cigarette, residue builds up in our bodies from the food we eat. It clogs us up, wears us down, slows us down. It can take 10-30 years eating

It’s kind of creepy but funny… if you saw a cow running through a field on fire.. would you be thinking “food”?

I mean, who was the original person who took a dead animal, lit it on fire and started eating it’s burned remains?

Water Fasts & Other Fasts I Have Experimented With

  • 10 day water only fast (2 of them)
  • Many 3 day water fasts (too many to remember)
  • 10 days on oranges
  • 10 days on bananas & celery (very healthy)
  • 10 days on berries & kale + raw aloe vera (I felt like I could physically never die on this diet, but it was hard
  • 2 day experiment with Avocado (horrible! don’t do it)
  • 30 days high amount of nuts (started losing my hair and nails, do not do it)

I ate almost 100% raw fruit and veggies from the produce section for 4 straight years from 2003-2007.

Mentors & Trainers Who Taught Me About Fasting

Outside of my own personal experience and multitude of study time and books, some of the best lessons came from these two people…

  • Dr. Douglas Graham – 40 year raw foodist, athlete, weightlifter, doctor, fasting expert
  • Hira Ratan Manek – One of the world’s leaders in fasting, has fasted over 90 days under Nasa Experiment.