The Science & Magic Of Iridology

Ever heard the saying.. “The strands in your eyes…”? Or how about this one.. “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

Well it couldn’t be more true, and it gets more and more true, the more you learn about it, not just from a ‘magic’ standpoint but from a scientific standpoint. The eyes are not just windows to the soul, they are a biological, emotional and psychological map of your entire being that includes your past behavior biology, current state of mental and physical health and a very predictable presentation of your potential future.

If you want your children to be smarter, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be even smarter, read them more fairy tales – Albert Einstein

Iris diagnosis is a real, proven and statistical practice that was discovered over a century ago in Germany and made famous in America by America’s most famous Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Bernard Jensen. His daughter, Ellen Jensen, now carries on his original work in Iris Diagnosis (Iridology)

Iris Diagnosis Can…

I first discovered Iris Diagnosis by accident, from a man named Ron Logan, who was from Kansas, I passed by him in a grocery store and struck up conversation with him, after about 5 minutes I was letting him read my eyes.  His diagnosis with 10 seconds was everything doctors has told me, and more.. and he was dead right.

I was so fascinated by his accuracy I found a book on Iridology and read it, then found Arizona’s best Iridologist Bernice Tremarko, and learned from her in private while reading more books about it, until I had learned everything she had to teach.

I then read every single book and watched every video that had ever been printed in English on the subject matter. I even had a few books in German translated so i could read them as well.

I took pictures of my eyes and studied the strands and my friends eyes and then strangers eyes. I was obsessed with the wonder of it and amazed that it had existed for so long yet medical science had NEVER taken it into account.

Sure enough, Ron Logan was right, and the science was dead right as well. Our bodies really do tell the story of our life and give an estimated path or where we are heading based on our past history.

Emotions really do affect our bodies just as bad as bad food and other poisonous things.

Things That Are Obvious In The Strands Of The Eye

  • Broken bones show the fastest
  • Cholesterol & fatty lymph system
  • Mental depression and mental health
  • Heart disease and the predisposition of it
  • Liver disease and being predispositioned to it
  • Pancreas and bladder issues
  • Circulation and dehydration
  • Intestinal problems are very specific and easy to trace
  • Drug addictions (mostly including over the counter chemicals)

I could go on with this, it was all accurate, after talking with hundreds of people and traveling to Costa Rica twice to study people before and after 21 day water fasts I had learned almost more than any other Iridologist in America.

In 2006 I became one of the only people in the world to be Certified Iridologist Level I & II from Ellen Jensen in California, having done experiments and testing on myself and hundreds of people with diet and lifestyle changes to change the course of the strands and colors of an Iris, and ultimate, the course of life for an individual.