True Health

The Truth Behind Real Health

I was a raw foodist once for 4 years straight. Learned about health and wellness from some of the world leaders in natural health and wellness and fitness, read every book and watched hundreds of videos, met thousands of people from around the world. I’ve seen things a standard middle class American would never believe, even if they saw it themselves.

Raw Foodist? What does that mean? It means I ate almost nothing but fruit, veggies and greens from the produce section or farmers market for 4 straight years. NOT EASY.

No dairy, no meat, no bread, no pasta. Straight up raw fruit and raw vegetables.

The truth is, processed dairy products, refined grains and bread and pasta is all not good for us. We were not meant to process our food. Our bodies do not thrive on food that has been heated to the point to where we have killed the living cells inside of it so that the food is no longer a vibrational living organism.

We eat death on a daily basis and it’s become so routine and we are so convinced by persuasive political marketing of horrible products with cute labels that we have lost sight of what true health really is.

We are diseased and we don’t even see it because we have become numb and so plagued with the greedy persuasion of so called ‘health’ products that now the ‘average’ person on the street thinks eating plants and fruit is nuts.

Some Facts You WILL NOT Believe

  1. You can be 60 years old and still the body and energy you had at 20 (or better)
  2. Scars can heal themselves – it’s true, mine have healed
  3. Stretch marks go away – there is no need for liposuction
  4. Moles and tumors fall off or dissipate within weeks – moles and brown spots on my body withered away and dried up
  5. Heart disease goes away in days
  6. Psoriasis and acne clear up within days
  7. Cancer expels itself out of the body within weeks – there is no need for horrible chemo

Sure there are things that are less bad than others, like shopping at Whole Foods Market and buying organic products that are closer to nature, but the truth is our diets should consist of about 80% raw green plants and 20% raw fruit.

If religion is important to you there is a paragraph in the Bible where Jesus said to a group of people eating at a table “Look at the birds in the sky, The Father feedeth them and they have no need to reap or sow, does this meat really mean more to you than life”?

Does the food we eat really mean more to us than life itself? Does eating a chicken sandwich really mean more than life? You may not understand because you have never known what it feels like to be completely clean of the debris that processed food instills in our bodies and in our bloodstream, clouding our heads to the point of where we no longer eat to live but live to eat.