The Protein Myth & Explanation

How Marketing Has Convinced The World On "Protein"

Most people have no idea how much protein or what kind of protein to eat, all they know is ‘more = stronger’.  It’s just not true at all. It’s a shame that marketing greed has infected the minds of so many people for over a generation now. Did you know that when cigarettes started to get big a famous doctor was 

FDA Daily Recommended Intake On Protein

The FDA used to publicly state that the daily intake for an average person of protein is 31 grams, they have changed it over the years to 50 grams.

What Is In 30 Grams Of Protein?

The common belief about protein and the need to consume it for muscle growth, performance and development is just clever marketing to sell protein products, meat and protein powders.

  • 1 Mcdonalds hamburger
  • 6 eggs
  • 5lbs of almost any fruit

More is not better. If you are a bodybuilder, consuming more than 100g of protein in a day is not beneficial, it is harmful.