Rocky Sylvester Stallone Motivational Speech Video

One of my favorite speeches is only about 2 minutes long. In my life I’ve known so many people who blamed everything and anyone around them for their problems, usually their partner in their relationship or their family.

It is EASY to blame other people for things you think you aren’t going to get, can’t have or can’t do. Your marriage is a prison? No, YOU are YOUR OWN prison. No one can put you down, make you feel bad, insult you or argue with you unless you LET THEM. 

If someone calls you a dumb student and you have an A+ in every class… all you can do is look at them like they are dumb… their comment has no effect on you because you “do not agree at all with their statement”, the comment they made is so untrue it’s comical. You are not affected because you .

But if you BELIEVE you aren’t pretty, and someone tells you that you aren’t pretty, the ONLY reason that affects you is because you AGREED internally and personally with them. No one can put you down unless you agree with their opinion. 

The only one who can make you feel bad in life is YOURSELF.

Stop blaming other people, stop blaming your environment, your parents and your condition or your upbringing.  Stop blaming your health issues… I know a girl in Arizona got no arms, was a single mother and had her own business and she was in shape, pretty, successful and I never once ever heard a word of complaint from her. Don’t tell me how hard your life is when you don’t even know what truly working for anything even really means.

It takes just as much effort to go through life struggling, as it does to rise to the top. You can choose to be a victim or a victor in life, the struggle is the same either way.